Friday, June 29, 2007

Contest 2, Belvedere Steps and Mini HS Reunions

This'll be a quick one, because I've got to get to sleep -- we've got an 11-miler tomorrow at 8am, and I've been "spring cleaning" aka dumping the entire contents of my room into the living room, hosing it all down, and putting it all back. For some reason I have trouble cleaning when Laura (my roomie) is home -- she would say I have trouble cleaning in general, and she's right. When I do clean, I go all out, and I need the living room to be the storage closet. Laura is out of town until Sunday morning, so I've got tomorrow afternoon to get it all back together.

For the person who had trouble finding the link to my Fred's Team page, here it is again: I know there's a way to post it as a footer, but I can't figger it out. Oh, well. It is always at the bottom of the page.

Can I tell you something that's supremely annoying? Of course I can. I have been sending out letters to people with the thank-you bracelets, and they're all starting to be returned to me by the Post Office. Seems that even though the letters weigh under an ounce, the bracelet makes the letter odd-shaped and therefore, it can't go through the "machine" and is returned for more postage. So your lesson for tonight is...funny-shaped letters need extra postage!

Thursday evening was our inagural Belvedere step workout. Up the steps, down the steps. Jumping, hopping, running. You can see the sets on the sidebar. It doesn't seem like a lot of time spent on a workout, but let me tell you, the step workouts are more brutal than the long runs. They are super intense. I took some pictures but I'm too lazy to post them right now -- I'll do it the next day or so. Did I mention it was RAINING? AGAIN? LIKE IT DID EVERY TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SATURDAY LAST SUMMER? NOOOOOOOOO!

After the workout, we had mandatory carb replacement at P & Gs, a great bar on 73rd and Amsterdam run by my friends Holiday and Steve. Check it out if you've got the time. It's a great old bar, and we had some pitchers of beer and good conversation. I stuck around after the team broke up for the night because Holiday told me that some folks from high school would be showing up later that evening. So I stuck around and we had a great time. These folks, Joey and Jessica, were more Holiday's friends in school than mine, but I knew them. People in my high school tended to hang out with people in the grades above and below them as much as they did with their own grade.

Let me say a couple of things about my high school friends. One, we are remarkably well-preserved. Two, we clean up real good. Joey I remember as being the tough guy stoner punk. Now he's a philosophy professor. My theory is that we got it all out of our systems in high school -- the drugs, the drinking, the sexual experimentation -- you know, the stuff that makes life worthwhile. Once we hit college, everyone around us was going, "Wow, let's get drunk and stoned and all the things we couldn't do when we were at home!" and we were saying, "Been there, done that, I want to do something new, like attend class and maybe learn something."

Speaking of high school, today I met up with Howard Shiau and gave him his contest prizes. We had a chance to chat for a while before I went out for today's run. It's so hard to believe that the people I grew up with have children. I still see us as 17 year olds. In my mind we didn't get any older and yet we still managed to live life, get married, have kids, careers, etc. Is it just me, or does everyone feel like this? I'm curious. Leave a comment on this post and let me know.

And before we get to the contest, would you all please just take a look at my time for a 4.35 miler? Did I run them at an average pace BELOW a 9 minute mile? With nobody chasing me?

Since I promised I'd post the contest tonight, without further ado...


All are welcome to play contest #2, even you, Howard. We'll start having contests and such for donors only coming up later in the summer.

Rules are the same as last time; that is, I make up the rules. The prize is a secret. I know what it is, though (not a t-shirt.)

I'm tired, so this is an easy one:
What is the Engineer's Gate, and what is its significance to this blog?

Send your answers to me at

nighty night,

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