Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Room With a View

Remember this?

This was the hodgepile that was the view out my window last month, as the buildings on 57th Street were demolished. Look at it now:

That is Carnegie Hall out my window. Neat, huh?
The other reason it's so bright and sunny is that we removed the world's largest in-window air conditioner and had an in-wall model installed (we are doing Local 11 work on the building, so as long as we have a scaffolding and workmen, might as well take advantage.) Here's a picture of the old a/c:

That's the sleeve on top. This monster was at least 15 years old and did work, but it ate the entire window. Before, when we had no light, it didn't really matter, but now that we have a view, however briefly, having that window open really makes a difference.

The one downside is the NOISE! Not only do we have the light from 57th Street, we have the traffic noise. A lot of police and ambulance activity happens there. Who knew? As much as I appreciate the new view, part of me wants to get that new building up to block the noise again.

There was some running too, this week, but I will get to that tomorrow. I'll just edit the post.

PS: Got my wisdom tooth removed Monday, the one that lost a filling on Saturday.

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