Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pre-Marathon Photos

That's Fred Lebow, of course, namesake of Fred's Team and the creator of the NYC Marathon, taking his customary place at the finish line. This statue normally sits at the Engineer's Gate (aka the runner's gate) but is moved to the place of honor by the finish line for the marathon. A couple I met commented, "He doesn't look like a marathoner." I told them, "He may not have been the fastest runner, but he was the most passionate one."

The approach to the finish line. It's been super-crowded in the Park these past few days, and you can feel the energy. It's so cool! The international runners have begun to arrive. I met a nice couple from Switzerland here for the marathon, they took one of the pictures of me below.

This is the finish line for the World Marathon Majors - US Olympics Trial. The big structure on top is where the photographers and press stand.

Here's a better view of the press platform.

A side view of the finish line. The "extra" finish stand to the right is part of the NYC Marathon finish line, which isn't up yet.

Self portrait. Excited and stunned.

Here I am at the finish line!!

Me and Fred.

Don't forget about the final contest -- what will my finish time be? Closest without going over wins...something. Send in your predictions for my finish time to!

Four days to go...!


Jason said...

Who cares about seeing you at the finish line today? I want to see the photo of you at the finish line Sunday! Good luck!

Marci Glotzer said...

Thanks, Jason!