Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Did It!

I baked brownies! I really wanted to keep my promise to Gretchen to hold a bake sale and donate the money to pediatric cancer research. However, one of the key ingredients to a successful bake sale is edible product. Baking not being one of my many talents, I got the Chocolate Truffle w/Chocolate Chip mix from Trader Joes.

Apparently it is possible to mess up mix brownies. Witness my sad, misshapen results.
The first batch (pictured) -- the top fell off when I tried to plop them out of the tray.
The second batch never cooked right -- it was a molten mess. When I put them on the cooling rack, they melted through. Even after putting them back in the oven they never quite set up.
Frequent tastings assured me they were edible.
And I sold them all -- "regular" and "extra-fudgy" -- and made an extra $45 for Fred's Team!
Further, Cindy McMahon, the Director of Admissions, said she will do some advertising for me for next time (!) and will also try to get me some $$ from some of the organizations she belongs to.
Actual running post coming soon.

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