Sunday, June 13, 2010

Injured Reserve

So where have YOU been?

Devastated and injured. Or the other way around.

Here's what happened.

I loved my Chi Running seminar, and I was doing really well, using the metronome and getting used to the pace.

So I do my first long run. I'm supposed to do eight miles, and it felt so good, I did 8.3.

And it was that .3 that did it. My Achilles tendon on my right foot felt a little sore afterwards. Hmm. Not good. So I iced it, and stretched the hamstring really well, and a couple of days later, the pain went away. Still, I kept from running, and biked instead.

So two weeks ago, I go out again for a long run. It was a beautiful day -- cool, slightly overcast. I was in heaven.

As soon as I started running, it started aching again. So I really concentrated on keeping my lower legs and feet relaxed. I could handle an ache.

It was achy, but manageable for the first five or so miles. But when I stopped for a drink at the north end of the Park, and then tried to start running again, the pain was unbelievable.

At that point, I ran the rest of the way home, pain and all, just to get home and off the foot.

I spent the rest of the weekend on an ice pack, praying I didn't rip anything.

Monday morning, off to the incredible Dr. Rock, podiatrist extraordinaire. He said nothing had torn, but it was swollen and strained, gave me some lifts for my orthotics, told me to wear heels and to not run on it until it felt better. While he was not thrilled with the Vibrams (few podiatrists are) he said I could wear them if I did it gradually.

So for the last two weeks, I've been on injured reserve. Biking and back in the pool, and thankfully I still remember how to swim. This week, not so much thanks to work. Today I am missing my "long run," of an hour on the bike, and an hour in the pool in order to catch up with work obligations. The pain is down to a slight ache, which feels better when I wear heels, and worse in the morning.

It's devastating. I'm scared that I won't be able to catch up in time for Chicago, which I've officially committed to. I'm afraid to run in my beloved Vibrams, and I'm loathe to run in my old shoes. I'm afraid of how far behind I've fallen in my training.

Any words of encouragement, I can surely use them. Were it not for Liam, I'd be giving up altogether.


Squirrelette said...

it's more than a week later -- dare I ask how you are doing, Wonder Woman?

Keeping my fingers crossed for you,
The Slacker

zbsports said...

Being injured is the most desperate part in running...:(