Sunday, August 7, 2011

Today I Am A Triathlete

...but am still very dazed by the whole experience.  Suffice it to say that I am alive, despite swallowing half the Hudson --we'll see what results from that, as I have already developed a cough -- and nearly wiping out on the bike during the downpours.  I am emotionally shaken, and not sure why. As my friend Kim said, it was not only my first triathlon, it was my first major event since Liam's passing, and it carried a lot of weight. That must be why, because I started crying when I wrote that sentence.  I started bawling as soon as I crossed the finish line, and have been weepy all day.  I know that after some real sleep, I will feel proud about what I have done, but right now, I'm just overwhelmed and oddly disappointed.  I haven't felt this disoriented since my first marathon

Will give many more details in a few days, when I mentally recover.

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