Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Year Ago

No apologies for no blogging.  Yes, I missed finishing my triathlon report.  Yes, I didn't give you a marathon report (4:22 and change, for those who wonder).  I will try to get to some of that if I can.

But I must return to blogging, because today is the one-year anniversary of Liam Witt, my inspiration for five marathons and one triathlon. losing his battle with neuroblastoma.

The following is the e-mail I got from Cookies For Kids Cancer today.  Please read it, and think about Liam's legacy of love.

"For six years, eight months and eleven days, Liam Witt, the son of Cookies for Kids' Cancer founders Gretchen and Larry Witt, lived his life guided by one simple principle: Love. Today we sadly mark one year of not having Liam. Known to many as Prince Liam the Brave, Liam was here on earth to charm us, delight us and love us all. No matter who he met or where he met them, people always left with the feeling that their life was changed for the better after spending time with Sweet Liam.

Liam's spirit lives on and serves as our inspiration to help all children battling cancer - both the ones in battle today and those who will be called into battle tomorrow. While today marks the day Liam left this earth, he was remembered with a service on Valentine's Day, the day of love, by his family and friends. That service was where the Love Like Liam message was first heard and has continued to serve as a very personal inspiration for the Cookies for Kids' Cancer family. On this sad day for us, we hope Liam's message of love serves as a beacon to make things better for all children everywhere. It's what Liam would want us to do - make it better for others. "

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