Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Absolute Last Words on 2006 (until the next ones)

I'm back in NYC (I was in Florida on business. Okay, I was doing a show, which is not exactly business, but it's technically my business.) Anyway, I only had access to the internetwhile at work, so I had very little time to tool around and check other websites. The point being, I said in an earlier post that I would try to find all the posts from my first blog and get them over to this site. So today, internet access up and running, I go to my old Earthlink blog and, wouldn't you know it, they removed all the obstacles to posting that made me abandon it in the first place. Well, it's too late for them, but I am recovering them and in a mere matter of moments I will figure out where on this blog I can put them for your enjoyment. I've just read through them and they are really kind of funny.

Today's post will be, I PROMISE, the last one about the 2006 Marathon, because I've just registered for FRED'S TEAM 2007! So let's finish up and move on!

Enjoy ice?
Enjoy a bath?
Why not enjoy an ice bath?

One of the more amusing ways to recover after a long run (or any strenuous exercise) is to literally sit in a bath composed of freezing cold water and ice cubes. You keep your underwear on, plus a sweatshirt and a ski cap, and drink coffee or hot chocolate. You're not washing, you're freezing your legs to assist with the muscle recovery (I'm sure it has to do with lactic acid or something, I don't know.) After a couple of minutes you get numb but those first few minutes are exquisitely painful. Imagine if you will the look on my roommate's face when she walked into the apartment one day after I had completed a run and found me, half-dressed and shivering, in the bathtub.

Once we made it back to the apartment (I took the elevator and we live on the second floor) Laura drew me an ice bath while I got "re-dressed." Then I showered for real, put on some clothes and hobbled back to the Marquis for the Fred's Team post-Marathon dinner. There were masseurs there from the Swedish Institute in a room across the hall and man did that feel good. Then into the ballroom for dinner, reunions, speeches, and a wonderful slide show of all of us that the photographer took of us as we passed MSKCC.

As we cheered for ourselves as our photos popped up on the screen, we all decided that despite the pain, injury, lost sleep and blisters that the experience was indeed worth it. Fred's Team is an amazing team that provides so much more than monetary support. I was honored to be a part of it, and most of the core Team will be lacing up our running shoes again this year.

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