Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Quick One While She's Away

Or rather, now that she's returned -- from rehearsing CORPSE for the Cape Playhouse, then bringing it up to the Cape on Saturday, teching it in on Sunday and Monday, opening it Monday night, returning to NYC Tuesday afternoon and heading right to school, school again today, then to the gym, and now HERE I AM!! Back for more blathering. There is so much to tell y'all I don't know where to begin but the beginning, but I also have much schoolwork to catch up on. So I wanted to send y'all a quick note letting you know I'm back and will be jumping right back into the updates, complete with pictures from last week's training in Riverside Park and lordy only knows what else. Over the next few days I'll catch up on my comings, goings and in-betweens, and YES, THE AMAZON GIFT CERTIFICATE RAFFLE!!


PS: I'm an auntie again for the third time! My brother and sister-in-law had a baby girl yesterday morning. Three girls. My brother is completely outnumbered, and will be forced to build a treehouse in which he can sit, watch baseball, and think manly thoughts. I'm seeing them on Sunday, I am sure to take many pictures to bore you with!

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