Monday, August 27, 2007

Update Part II, Cleanliness v. Sloppiness, and at long last, the AMAZON RAFFLE

Hello, everyone!

Still catching up here, much to say, no time to say it. I don't know how daily bloggers do it. Trying to find time more than once a week is hard enough!

No names for the honor roll today, but I know that at least two people have pledged to send me some money for Fred's Team. Are you one of those? Wouldn't you like to be? Click here to be taken to my Fred's Team webpage, where you may securely donate to my Fred's Team effort. Go Fred's Team!!

First -- the LONG AWAITED RAFFLE!! Here's the deal -- everyone who donated was put into a hat, and the winner gets a $15 Amazon gift certificate.

And the winner is ...


Bob, as soon as I get home from school, the $15 Amazon certificate will be sent to your email address.

Now that I'm back in school daytimes, that means MORE CONTESTS! By the end of the week, a new contest will emerge. Stay tuned...

A few words on how I'm feeling before I launch into update part II. I did my Team 15 miler on Friday night because I had someplace to be Saturday mid-morning, and I hate doing long runs under the gun of time pressure, especially knowing that Saturday was going to be muggy, making my times slower. Well, I did 15.75 by accident (I changed my third loop, knowing that if I attempted Cat Hill for a third time I'd never run again) but it was grueling. Humid and sticky (although it was nice to have it get cooler as the evening wore on) and I didn't eat right beforehand, leaving me so out of energy that I went through all my Gatorade and had to buy a new bottle. On the other hand, the view of the city from the rez as the sun is going down -- one of the best things about NYC. Anyway, I didn't run or work out all weekend, even though it was my plan to do something on Sunday. I had no desire, and no guilt. I think I'm a little burned out. I'm feeling a little guilty today (Monday) so I'll probably do something tonight. Even though my body feels good, my mind needed a little time off, I guess.

Not to say I wasn't active. I did clean the bathroom and my bedroom. So what, you say. Here's the thing: to me, there is either "clean" or "dirty." I can't just pick up a little bit every day and keep things relatively neat, like the home magazines suggest. When I clean, I CLEAN. Like, washing the walls clean. Which I did in the bathroom. And a hands-and-knees scrubbing of the floors in the bedroom and bathroom. I wonder what this "all or nothing" attitude about cleaning says about me?

Now, where was I? Ah, yes, teching a show in 5 hours or less. I'll go fast through it, or at least I'll try. Anyway, last post I was talking about the Cape Playhouse and the circuit and how these shows only have a few hours to tech before opening. On the Sunday night the company travels to the Cape, there's a 4 hour rehearsal onstage in the evening. The tech period in theater is referred to as a "ten out of twelve" because during that period, rehearsals extend to, you guessed it, ten out of twelve hours in a day, usually noon to midnight. Five hours work, two hours break, five hours work. Same for the Sunday, only we substitute the travel for the first five hours. And we only work until 11:30pm. This show was going to be particularly hard to tech because the gimmick of the show is that there are twin brothers (played by the same person,) and there are lightning fast changes between one brother and the other. For example, we see one brother leave his house and walk up the stairs, and two seconds later he's the other brother, in a completely different costume, entering from an entirely different area of the stage. This is accomplished by some trickery, and also by having both sets (one for each brother) on a turntable, with a habitrail of secret entrances and exits in between. It wasn't just the actors who had to learn to navigate the habitrail, it was the crew as well. For each trick, we had to figure out how to properly "load" everyone onto the set so that we could do everything in the right order and get everyone where they needed to be. These passageways were so narrow, you had to be precise -- it was like putting people inside an ant farm. But the ant farm is actually ant farm size, not people size. And did I mention the five-minute sword fight? Yeah, that needed to be restaged. There were some other difficulties, too, which I won't get into, but it involved me doing a lot of extra work I didn't want to do in order to have things ready.

You know what? It seems that the more I write, the longer it takes to post. So here's part II, and part II is on its way, in which I will actually talk about RUNNING!!

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