Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Short but Sweet, and a message to a reader

Today was a run that made me remember how much fun running can be.

Now that I've figured out how to use the Nike+, I'm a little obsessed with it. I know some people HATE Nike, but I gotta admit, this Nike+ thing is pretty freakin' cool. I wanted to take it for a real test drive outside.

Thirty degrees and windless here in NYC, with a light dusting of snow. A one-mile calibration run from my apartment to the Central Park Boathouse, followed by a loop around the Res, down the West Side, across 72nd Street to the East Side and down the 63rd St. exit to 5th Ave (to the Apple store, to see if they have a sports armband that fits the new Nano with the Nike+ doodad attached. They don't.) I wore enough clothing to keep me warm but not overheated, the light covering of snow made everything look clean, it was quiet and uncrowded, and my ass barely hurt! I could just be in the moment and run. As I was rounding the north end of the Res, I saw Bow Bridge and it was so beautiful and I felt so good I thought, "This is why I run." It was perfect, and renewed my love of running. Altogether, 5.3 miles in just over 42 minutes, and my new pace is the icing on the cake, because I never felt that I was pushing myself.

I confess, I love hearing that calm female voice on the Nike+. She sounded so proud of me when I finished! But I'm thinking, instead of hearing nice stuff like, "Halfway point! You have 2.5 kilometers to go!" and "400 meters to go!" maybe there should be an option where you hear, "Move it, slowpoke!!" or "Run! Run! Pick up the pace!!" Now THAT's motivation! (hee hee!)

I received a comment from an earlier post, and I wanted to respond, but because I wasn't able to get the person's information to respond privately (other than their screen name) I'll respond here, with apologies for sounding coy -- it was a comment critical of something I had talked about, I'd prefer not to mention it by name.

FinanceGuy, I'm sorry you had a bad experience and feel the way you do. I never had any problems. Then again, I've never had problems with Verizon, which I know puts me in the minority, but because I haven't had problems I will sing their praises. I will take what you said into account, though, and be on the lookout. Thanks for letting me know. (also, apologies for not responding sooner -- normally when someone comments, I get an email letting me know. For some reason, I wasn't notified of your comment, I stumbled on it in my "unmoderated comment" box.)

That's it, y'all!


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