Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marathon Man!

This is an excerpt from Gretchen's post on her blog, "Prince Liam the Brave"

Marathon Man

Liam has a jersey and medal from the 2008 NYC Marathon. They were
given to him by his friend and supporter Marci who has run in the past two NYC
Marathons as a member of Fred’s Team. The money raised by Fred’s Team goes
directly to the pediatric floor at Memorial Sloan-Kettering with a chunk of it
directed to the costs associated with manufacturing 3F8 antibodies. Marci is an
“after cancer” friend who has been so gracious and unwavering in her commitment,
even for a family she doesn’t know outside of the world of cancer. Lately Liam
has taken to running around with the purple and orange Fred’s team jersey on,
with the medal around his neck, and his head popping out of the arm hole of a
t-shirt to act like he has long hair flowing behind him. He runs from one end of
the apartment to the other yelling, “I’m a winner!! I’m a winner!!” with Ella
faithfully following behind.

Don't tell Liam he's wearing the shirt backwards!

Anyways, I've been meaning to post that for a while, because that picture makes me giggle every time I see it.

I also wanted to update you quickly -- my math sucks, the actual total to date I have raised so far is


Who's going to put me over the $1000 mark? Whoever does wins a prize. For real!

Much to tell you, but in the next post.

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