Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

First off -- new donations:
-Andrea "Spook" Testani
-Andrew Fornarola

Today was the Mother's Day 10-mile race in the Park. It was my first long race since surgery. I'm not sure that's what my mother wanted for her special day, but that's what she got (actually, I gave her a box of the best brownies in NYC -- Fat Witch Bakery.) Considering I took her name in vain most of the morning, in a weird way it was apropos.

The longest I've run to date has only been 6, 6 1/2 miles. So jumping up to 10, not the wisest move. But I needed to see if I had it in me, and I wasn't planning to be speedy, only persistent.

The stats: even though I had to stop for a few moments at mile 7 to take off my foot wrap because it was starting to give me a blister on the bottom of my foot, I managed to finish in 1 hour 36 minutes. That's about a 9 1/2 minute mile, which is actually a little faster than I was expecting. If it weren't for my *&#%!ing foot, I would've finished about two minutes earlier. On a positive note, my hunch that my Saucony shoes were irritating my foot turned out to be correct. Which sucks because I just got a new pair of the Saucony Grid Hurricanes last month. But they make the bottom of my right foot burn as badly as it did last year. Grrr. So if anyone wants a pair of almost-new Saucony Grid Hurricane 8s in a size 10 (they run small, in normal shoes I wear an 8 1/2) let me know.

I'm thinking up the rules and such for contest #1 -- stay tuned!!

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