Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Many small updates

If you've recently visited my Fred's Team home page and wondered where all the personal stuff went, there are some technical difficulties that should be ironed out soon. You can still donate, it's just not as chirpy and the pictures aren't of me.

First big race is coming up this Sunday (Mother's Day) a 10-miler. So far my longest run has been a little over 6. Should be OK, as long as I don't attempt any land-speed records.

Joined a gym, as per Jeff's directions. I haven't been to a gym in ages, I let my membership lapse at NY Health and Racquet, since I never went. I joined NY Sports Club, they have a branch a block from school as well as close to my home. I went this past Sunday and I'm still in pain.

They are ripping down all the buildings around my house -- a Time Warner Center Jr. is being erected on 57th Street and my building and the hotel next door are the lone holdouts in a massive buyout. Who needs an alarm clock when construction starts at 7:01 am on the dot? We are looking forward to the ten minutes of actual sunshine we'll be getting when the buildings across the alley are demolished (they're in the process of being gutted right now.)

Did a fun reading last week, COLLEGE: THE MUSICAL, which is about, yes, college. I think it's got lots of promise and the songs are still floating around in my head. Plus, the producer deferred a portion of my fee to Fred's Team, which I need to send in.

Once more donation letters go out, the contests will begin. I will also be auctioning things off on eBay, cool stuff like theater tickets and entertainment memorabilia. Stay tuned...

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