Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quick Mid-Week Report, or Why I Will Only Use UPS

First off, latest sponsors...
Thank you, Jim!

Remember how I said there were prizes and such? Well, there are. For all of the people who have sponsored me, I have for you a small gift that I would like to send you. Unfortunately, when you donate via the web (still the easiest and safest) I don't get your address until January or February. If you send me your address, I will happily send you the gift, as a token of thanks, although you may not thank me when you see the gift. Anyway, I have regular and child size, and no it's not a t-shirt. As soon as I get a free-er moment I'll email all you wonderful sponsors individually.

Secondly, it's been a crappy week. Actually, I take it back. It's been a good week, but a crappy day. It's one of those days when you say, "You know, just when everything was sort of going my way for five minutes, and then THIS happened!" To make a long story short, first off, I didn't pass 120 test #17. Then when I got home I discovered that something I mailed via the post office did not arrive at its destination and because of that it's screwing with my unemployment (I sent it Priority Mail, Delivery Confirmation, but lo and behold -- never confirmed!) So I can't send stuff FedEx, and I can't send stuff through the Post Office...UPS, here I come.

So it's been a crappy day, and I'm drinking a big ol' glass of gin (Hendricks, for those who know gin) to try to relax and get back to practicing.

To bring it back to running, since I must, I was so frustrated after failing yet another 120 test that I went to the gym and ran for an hour -- 6.3 miles on the treadmill. Too hot to run outside today. Stress is good for something.

Sunday, the Japan Day run at 8am, plus race report and more...

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