Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Red-Letter Running Day, plus Contest Results and Contest #3

Join me in acknowledging the latest members of the Fred's Team honor roll:

Total to date:


I am truly blessed to have you wonderful people support me.

We start off with contest #2 winner. As you may or may not recall, the question this week was...what is the Engineer's Gate, and what is its significance to this blog.

The answer: The Engineer's Gate is the entrance to Central Park at 90th St. & 5th Avenue. All the main entrances to the Park are called Gates. Why, I know not. There are no swinging gates or anything, it's just an entrance. Maybe it's because it's a break in the wall that surrounds the Park. Anyway, that particular gate is located a block from the New York Road Runner's Club, and is nicknamed, "The Runner's Gate." There is a statue of Fred Lebow, patron saint of NY runners and the Fred behind "Fred's Team," at this gate.

So, there ya go. And the winner is...

Jay, you have a choice of prizes, as I am feeling magnanimous. Prize #1 -- the NYC Marathon t-shirt (size XL) from contest #1, can choose prize #2 that's hiding behind the curtain...
Please e-mail me and let me know.

Contest #3 is at the end of this post, which is coming up soon, 'cause man, I'm beat after this morning's 13 miler.

So we're at half-marathon distance (almost, 13.1 to be precise.) And alls I have to say about this morning's run is -- WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT TIME?? Yikes!! Of course, me being me, my thrill over that time is overshadowed by my not-so-good last 4 miles. It got hot and humid and I wilt like a delicate flower in the humidity. I had to take a couple of walk breaks, and my right ass bone -- there's no other way to describe it, it's like where the top of the thigh bone meets the ass cheek -- was getting sore and twingy. So those ended up being 10-minute miles. I know, poor me. Now, there are some people on our Team who make running look effortless, like Michelle. I am convinced she doesn't break a sweat. I wish I could run more like her, not necessarily the speed (because she's fast) as much as the effortlessness. I do try to enjoy myself when I run, enjoy the journey, but I'm not sure it shows in my stride. I'm not trying to show people, "Look how I enjoy myself!" but to have a nice, easy stride, moving forward, not struggling. That kind of thing. I have really been working on this, especially this last week.

Today, for the first time ever, I finished alongside Michelle. That meant a lot to me, and Michelle, if you are reading this, your encouragement and compliments just about made my year.

Today was also a red-letter day because I had my first ice bath of the training season. For the uninitiated, an ice bath is exactly that -- you sit in a tub full of ice cubes and cold water. It helps to reduce the swelling in your legs (it also numbs you up so you don't feel the achiness as much.) I keep on my shorts, add a sweatshirt and hat, and drink hot coffee while I'm sitting in there. It's a special little slice o' hell. The first time my roommate Laura came home and caught me in one, I thought she would never stop laughing. It is a rather unique look. I will shame myself by getting a picture next time.

Okay, off to get my hair cut, at long last, so I leave you with...
open to all!!

Question: Who -- or what -- is Team Hoyt?

Send your answers to me at

Contest ends Friday, July 13, at some point in the evening.

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